We are simple producers with deep roots in our rural world

Our History

We are Olga and Paco and we are happy to talk about our project and the changes in our lives.

We are producers of ecological almonds on the high plains of Granada.

Our project started when we took stock of our lives after our family textile business went out of business and we found ourselves outcasts from the labour market because of our age. We can’t say it has been easy, but we didn’t see this as the end of us but as a chance to start a new chapter, with faith in ourselves and our principles and accepting that that we had a lot to do, learn and teach.

We has a simple upbringing which was firmly rooted in our rural environment, and we have always been drawn to the needs of nature and human relationships.

To have the chance to start again in our rural existence has made us very happy, so we thought we could be a link between the rural world and those people who haven’t had the opportunity to enjoy it.

We set up Almendras Chirlata 14 years ago with these principles, a family producer of ecological almonds full of hard work, ambition and commitment. We carefully selected our varieties to ensure our ecological almonds appeal to the people who buy them or who adopt their own tree, making it an intense and personal experience in which they can enjoy aroma and taste, with their senses in our orchards.

At Almendras Chirlata we believe that “we reap what we sow” and we sow Human Potential, collaborating with persons with intellectual disabilities and Alzheimer’s and cancer patients. We sow Social Economy be creating jobs in deprived areas and fair trade between the producer and the direct consumer.

We hope you like our project and our Almonds as much as we do.


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