Stop food waste

At Almendras Chirlata we try to extend the sense of sustainability of our organic almonds to all possible fields. Including conscious consumption and the fight against food waste.

That is why we have marked in red 29 September, International Food Loss and Waste Awareness Day. An important date to remember that food should not be thrown away and that combating food waste is not only possible, but also necessary.

In a world where 828 million people go hungry, it is intolerable that 51 tonnes of food are lost every second of every year.

And another figure that affects us as farmers very much is that about 14% of the food that is produced is lost between harvesting and sale at the market and does not even reach the consumers! After so much effort and resources invested in its cultivation…

What can we do to prevent food waste?

At Almendras Chirlata this fight begins in the soil itself, giving back to the soil the valuable resources we use for the cultivation of our organic almonds. Our family farming is based on regenerative agriculture.

In addition to the almonds in their natural state, with skin or peeled, we also make it possible to purchase derived products such as milk, flour or cream, in order to make use of 100% of our harvest. And in different eco/logical formats, so that quantity is no excuse for waste (After reading this post we invite you to visit our shop).

And we also collaborate in different social projects and anti-desperdicio initiatives, such as Too Good To Go and “Dates with Sense“. What is it about? It’s very easy, before throwing food away, use your senses! The #LookSmellTest will help you evaluate food that is past its best-before date and avoid wasting it if it is still good.

If you are a regular chirlatero you will know that it is very difficult to get a “bad” almond, because we make sure that you only get the best almonds from our harvest through a manual selection and calibration process. We pick them one by one for you!

And finally, did you know that 55% of spanish people don’t know how to reuse or make the most of their leftover food and end up throwing it away? Through our social networks we usually share tips so that this does not happen with your Chirlata Almonds. For example, you can roast or fry the almonds that are older and they will be the perfect snack! Or grind them for use as a topping in hundreds of recipes.

What is clear is that food is not thrown away. Don’t let another day go by, join the fight against food waste.