Get to know the Finca Chirlata

The farm is located in Baúl, a small hamlet on the Altiplano of Granada, in southern Spain. Formerly it was connected with the main cities of the peninsular southeast by means of the railway  Murcia-Granada or Almanzora Railway . In 1985, poor economic viability caused most of the stretches to be closed.

After this, the area was more isolated, being now a depopulated region that is mainly dedicated to agriculture. By chance in life, it was precisely in that year when we bought the farm from a family of farmers and our adventure began.

The origin of the name Finca Chirlata is found on the main road that serves as the entrance to the farmhouse, the ” Vereda Real Chirlata “, an old road used for the transhumance of the cattle of the lords of Baza and Guadix. Before the Christian conquest it was known as Xirlata but the first document that is recorded is from 1501 and is written as Chirlata or Chirrata .

The altitude of the area (nothing less than  more than 1,000 meters) together with its extreme presierra climate with short, hot summers and cold winters, it is ideal for growing organic almonds .

Irrigation is done by drip, an efficient method that allows the minimum amount of water to be wasted. This water comes from its own 30-meter-deep well that collects the Sierra Nevada aquifer reserves, considered one of the best waters in Europe.

For the production processes we use renewable energy from a solar panel system installed on the farm.

We respect the natural times of the almond tree with a traditional and organic agriculture , free of chemicals, pesticides or synthetic fertilizers. In addition, during cultivation we seek to protect the local biodiversity as much as possible.