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From our family to yours, from the Sierra de Baza to Europe

Almendras Chirlata we are a family business, yes, but open to the world! Thanks to direct online sales, our organic almonds arrive directly from the farm to your home in less than 72 hours

When 17 years ago we arrived at the Chirlata Farm, lost in the Sierra de Baza, in a corner of the Granada Altiplano, we did not imagine that one day our Organic almonds , which we grow and harvest with such care, would reach a home in French Provence or a small artisan market (marktschwaermer ) in the center of Berlin.

sustainable production
Chirlata organic almonds are the result of respect for the land and dedication to cultivation

Like any farmer, our main focus is the field, not the sale. For that we had intermediaries. But the depreciation of the almond, the competition with foreign products of poorer quality and the prices below the cost of production forced us to rethink the final phase of our family business, marketing .

It has not been easy to find a logistical formula that benefits us as local producers, that benefits the consumer and that benefits the environment (because we firmly believe that we reap what we sow, and sustainability is one of the values that we do not think to give up). But, after many trials, with successes and errors, we have succeeded! Direct sale through our online store with home delivery in 24/48 hours in Spain and a maximum of 4 days anywhere in Europe.


Now we are clear that we will not go back. There are many advantages of selling directly from our website, the most important, which is a fair trade model .

We don’t have clients, we have chirlateros who know the day-to-day of the farm, the stages of cultivation of our almond trees (which are also theirs in the distance), the effort during the harvest, the preparation of orders … in short, from the first sprout in each season to We seal each box with the recipient’s name. And we know them (you!) And with great enthusiasm we share the pluses and minuses of our work as farmers.

direct sale
Chirlateros visit from Austria

We are local producers in an unpopulated and disadvantaged area that, thanks to online commerce, we have been able to give our almonds the value they deserve . We sell under our own rules and knowing each of our chirlateros . That is why, for example, we have devised formats adapted to your needs, we have created new products based on your preferences (thanks for all your comments and messages on social networks!) And we can also offer you a special discount on the occasion of Black Friday.


Fair trade, in addition to seeking equity in the commercial relationship, also promotes environmental sustainability. We have incorporated it from cultivation, through organic farming , to sale.


  • We do not treat our almonds or any of our products with preservatives (they are clean label ), because the time from when they leave our farm until they arrive home is very short (72 hours maximum depending on destination)
  • They travel in a natural packaging , which can also be reused: ecological cotton and jute bags
  • We send the products directly to the consumer on efficient delivery routes , taking advantage of the networks of specialized parcel companies
organic almonds
At Almendras Chirlata we reduce our environmental footprint by taking care of our environment through ecological and sustainable production

We are very proud that our almonds, the fruit of our family’s work, reach homes across Europe. If you are not yet, we encourage you to be part of the chirlateros community. And what better welcome than a 5% #GREENFRIDAY discount.