Frequent questions


Chirlata almonds have been grown in a 100% organic way, following the Organic Farming regulations of the European Union since 2007. They have the Kiwa organic production certificate and the Euroleaf, the official organic seal of the European Union.

You will receive your almonds in natural containers suitable for their conservation. You just have to keep them in a cool and dry place, between 6º and 10º.

The harvest takes place in September, once shelled, its state is fresh. The almond in no case should be in contact with moisture or with any food that contains moisture, such as fruit or vegetables.

The Chirlata Almonds with skin will arrive in natural jute bags and the peeled ones in cotton bags sewn by hand.

Although it is not possible for all our products, we try to reduce the use of plastic in packaging and shipments as much as possible, so your almonds will arrive in recyclable natural packaging and in a self-sealing cardboard package, along with a preservation sheet to get the most out of your almonds and to maintain all their properties.

The almonds last in good condition for more than 12 months in a cool and dry place.

Marcona is the most recognized almond variety in the world for its high quality, its sweet taste and its toasted blond color. The conditions of our organic farming in the Granada presierra area make it even more special.

It is widely used in confectionery and haute cuisine because, in addition to an exceptional quality, it has a smooth texture and a higher oil content, making it juicier and has a more intense flavor.

The Natural Almond that we grow in Chirlata is not certified organic but has been produced following the same traditional and organic agriculture model. Our almond trees are not treated with chemical products, such as pesticides, herbicides or synthetic fertilizers, nor are they genetically modified.

In addition, during cultivation, we seek to protect the local biodiversity as much as possible. For irrigation we use clean water from a 20 meters deep well that collects the reserves of the Sierra Nevada, classified as one of the best waters in Europe. And the production processes are carried out with energy from solar panels.

Of course! We would love to show you how we grow our almonds. Send us a message by whatsapp or email to to arrange a date and time for your visit.


Thinking about the needs of each of our chirlateros, we have adapted our formats and processes so that, whether you place an order for your home or for your store, you receive the Chirlata Almonds as you need them.

From the outset, in our online store you will find formats from 100 gr to 3 kg, depending on the product. You can add up to 25 kg to your basket. If you plan to place a higher order, we recommend you buy at “Gran Chirlatero” because the packages in which your Chirlata products will arrive are different and there are special discounts on the price.

In any case we want to meet you, know what you need, and we encourage you to contact us before the first order.

You have different payment methods to make your purchases:

  • Mastercard / VISA credit card
  • Bank transfer
  • Paypal

In any case the payment in our online shop is 100% secure.

There is no minimum amount, but at Almendras Chirlata we believe in conscious and responsible consumption. That’s why we would like your shopping to be organised, helping us to reduce the number of trips and emissions in the delivery of orders.

The address you provide in your order will be used as the billing address and as the default delivery address. If you want us to send your order to a different address, you must select the “Send to a different address” box.

If you buy in our online shop, orders over 10kg have a 17% discount applied. And if you are a customer of the Gran Chirlatero shop, orders of at least 100kg get a 3% discount.

Please make this clear in the order remarks and make your purchase by bank transfer (but do not make the payment yet). Or, if you don’t see it, by order “pending confirmation”, this way your order is placed correctly and we will send you an email with the complete invoice excluding VAT and the direct links for payment.


Our almonds travel from Finca Chirlata in the Sierra de Baza (Granada, Spain) to all over the world. Home delivery takes between 1 and 4 working days after order confirmation. To be taken into account, depending on the destination:

Spain and Portugal (peninsular shipments):

  • Delivery in 24/48 hours
  • Order tracking by email and phone notification before delivery

Canary Islands, Balearic Islands and Europe:

  • Delivery in maximum 4 days
  • Order tracking by email
  • Shipments to Norway require ID*.

Rest of the world (international shipments):
* and minimum orders of 100kg in the Big Chirlatero Shop. You can place the order in the absence of transport costs (the status of your order will be “pending confirmation”, which replaces the method of payment). This order is placed successfully in the absence of our response by means of an email which will include the complete invoice including transport costs and direct links to payment. If you have any questions please call us at (+034) 684 456 540 or write to

In order to guarantee the maximum quality of our products in each order, including during transport, we do not ship on Fridays on a regular basis to avoid them being retained in the parcel warehouses without adequate conservation.

Once your order is processed, you will receive a tracking number with which you can check the status of the order at all times through the website of the corresponding parcel company.

Each product is packaged in the optimum material for preservation: almonds with skin in natural jute sacks, blanched almonds in hand-sewn cotton bags, flour in kraft bags, milk in multifood in cardboard, the almond cream in a glass jar and the chocolates in kraft cups.

You will receive your order in a recyclable and compostable box, adapting its size to each shipment to avoid unnecessary waste. All our products are packed according to quality guidelines, which guarantee optimum freshness protection for our food products and to prevent damage to the goods during transport.

Shipping costs are detailed in the order summary, after payment of the purchase. They are calculated according to weight and destination.

If the shipping cost is not automatically assigned by the website, you will see the option “order pending confirmation”, the order will be placed until we contact you by email and send you the invoice including shipping costs and direct payment links.

If you need to add products to your order, once payment has been made, you will need to contact us as soon as possible. In the event that you receive notification that your order has already been shipped, you will have to place a new order with the product you want.

For reasons of hygiene and health protection, the right of return does NOT apply to food products.

All our products are packed following quality guidelines, which guarantee optimal protection during transport, but if your Chirlata Almonds arrive in poor condition, request a return following the following guidelines:

  1. To request a refund, please contact us by email at, indicating the following:
    – Date of purchase
    – Reason for return
    – Order number
    – Name of user/buyer
    – Address of the user/buyer
  2. The maximum time limit for requesting a return is 14 calendar days from the time the order was shipped.
  3. If we accept your return request, you will receive an email notifying you.
  4. Items must reach us in the same condition in which they were sent, with their original packaging intact.