Chirlata family

The cultivation of almonds changed our life!

The Chirlata Farm

A new beginning

Our history was reborn in the Chirlata farm, in the heart of the Sierra de Baza, where Olga and Paco returned when their textile company in Barcelona collapsed and they were left out of the job market because of their age. At first it was not easy to see the opportunity that this change of life offered them, but with a lot of work and effort they left behind the fear of starting over from scratch and managed to start an organic farming project, to which they have joined with energy. renewed his daughter Elena.

Chirlata almonds

Respect for the land

“Having the opportunity to start over in our rural life made us very happy so we considered that we had to be the link between the rural world and people who do not have the opportunity to enjoy it”

Chirlata Almonds is the result of respect for the land, dedication to cultivation, constant learning and social commitment. And this family production of organic almonds is our contribution to a market of increasingly conscious consumers. With varieties of almonds carefully chosen by us, who try that the people who buy them, live and feel the experience of our field, the smell of almond blossoms or the taste of organic almonds in each of our products (flour, milk, creams, chocolates …)

Our harvest

Passion for the countryside

After “resting” with the field while it remains white covered by snow, in March, when the first pink flowers begin to appear, we are looking forward to hearing the buzzing of bees, traveling from one almond tree to another, pollinating. And we look forward to seeing the first almonds grow, at first very small and with a soft shell, and months later, in June, turning green with a velvet shell. It will be the torrid heat of summer that opens this delicate layer and begins to dry the almond, until it leaves a jewel in the shape of a brown oval. And, almost without realizing it, we are already in September. Now it is enough to carefully shake the tree, collect the almonds, split them and prepare them for you.

Environmental care

Organic product

We firmly believe that we collect what we sow, that is why, in addition to a quality organic product, we work to:
🌱achieve fair trade between producer and consumer with direct sales on our website and consumer groups (or local “hives”)
🌱contribute to the social economy and rural development by creating employment in deprived and deprived areas
🌱value human capital by collaborating with people with intellectual disabilities and those affected by Alzheimer’s and cancer.
🌱reduce our environmental footprint by caring for our environment through ecological and sustainable production for which we use renewable energy.

Paqui, Susi, Natalia, Anita, Belén, Yolanda, María, Juan, Víctor have joined the family… and, if you want, you! For many years we have felt our roots in this land and we want to share them with you through Almendras Chirlata.

We welcome you to the family!