Benefits and properties of almonds

Benefits and properties of almonds

These small fruits are a source of nutrients. This is nothing new, its properties have been known for millennia, the almond tree being one of the first domesticated crops.

Organic certification – All you need to know to choose your products

The universe of certificates is vast and wide-ranging. There are certificates for numerous characteristics: organic certificates, certificates of protected origin, fair trade, gluten-free, lactose-free, for diets such as keto or paleo….. When we are about to order a product or when we are standing in front of a shop’s stand, we are in doubt and […]

Dark chocolate almonds – Benefits for your health

Almonds and dark chocolate are undoubtedly a delicious combination. But as if that weren’t enough, this duo could also have important health benefits. That’s why we recommend our almond products with dark chocolate. Cardiovascular health According to a study published in the American Heart Association (AHA) journal, eating nearly one-third cup of almonds a day […]

veggie milk

How to make Chirlata Organic Almond Milk with Blender

Veggie milk In the following video we explain step by step how to prepare Chirlata organic almond milk with a blender.The process is quick and easy. You will only need a blender, a litre of water, and a sachet of your almond preparation to make a litre of vegetable almond drink. Boil half the water […]

Adopt an almond tree

Video Link from Youtube 25 March 2018 Crowdfarming by Almendras Chirlata In this video the official Crowdfarming reporter Claudia (Down syndrome) tells us what it’s like to adopt an almond tree at Almendras Chirlata. You will discover from where the farm is located to the amount of product that your tree will produce annually. Not […]

Harvesting almonds | Radio-Television Switzerland

Harvest of Chirlata organic almonds September, 2018 The Radio-Television Switzerland programme interviews Santiago, a worker at Almendras Chirlata, about this year’s harvest.