green almond

The green almond

How to keep almond trees healthy during the summer months? In the life cycle of the almond, summer is one of the seasons we enjoy the most at Chirlata. The almond trees are full of green, full of life.

Chirlata against food waste

There is no bad Chirlata

Our almonds are Too Good To Go. Yes, as well as being delicious, we don’t want you to throw them away if they are past their best-before date. So read on for our anti-waste tips.


Almonds match Keto

Almonds’ healthy fats and low carbohydrate content make them a perfect match for a keto diet. Read on and discover all its benefits.

Benefits and properties of almonds

Benefits and properties of almonds

These small fruits are a source of nutrients. This is nothing new, its properties have been known for millennia, the almond tree being one of the first domesticated crops.

What will 2022 be like for our almonds?

In Chirlata we have been dedicated to the cultivation of almonds for more than a decade from a small district of the Altiplano of Granada, on a farm at more than 1,000 meters of altitude. We respect the natural times of the almond tree following a model of traditional and organic agriculture , and we […]

Organic certification – All you need to know to choose your products

The universe of certificates is vast and wide-ranging. There are certificates for numerous characteristics: organic certificates, certificates of protected origin, fair trade, gluten-free, lactose-free, for diets such as keto or paleo….. When we are about to order a product or when we are standing in front of a shop’s stand, we are in doubt and […]

6 advantages of organic farming that you didn´t know about

Advantages of organic farming Organic agriculture has numerous benefits, not only for the consumer and the environment, but also for the farmer and the economy in general. Do you know all its advantages? Health cocktail Higher nutritional value The differences in nutritional quality are not few, especially when it comes to omega-3, polyphenols and vitamin […]

Dark chocolate almonds – Benefits for your health

Almonds and dark chocolate are undoubtedly a delicious combination. But as if that weren’t enough, this duo could also have important health benefits. That’s why we recommend our almond products with dark chocolate. Cardiovascular health According to a study published in the American Heart Association (AHA) journal, eating nearly one-third cup of almonds a day […]